Affinity Reusable Face Covering 10-Pack
Item Number: 118180
This convenient, 2-ply, cotton, reusable, washable, thin, face covering is the perfect option for your employees! Made with 100% cotton and 2-ply fabric. ******** -Not recommended for use in a medical or surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid bodily or other hazardous fluids may be expected -Not to be used in a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high -May be used when FDA-cleared masks are unavailable -These are not direct replacements for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment and shall not be used as such. -These are CDC recommended but not FDA approved. If used properly, face coverings should help contribute to less person-to-person droplets transmission. -Do not use bleach, chemicals or disinfectant to wash this product -Affinity Apparel makes no warranties, either express or implied, that the face covers prevent infection or transmission of viruses, bacteria or diseases. -Non-returnable
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